Why Voluntary Benefits?

Are you looking for ways to enhance your employee benefits package while also controlling costs?

Many savvy HR and finance executives owners are finding that a comprehensive voluntary benefits program can help. Such programs allow employers to provide disability insurance, life insurance, dental insurance and other plans as a supplement to their employees’ core benefits, giving workers the freedom to choose only the ones they want and can afford. Gen Y and Gen X workers in particular welcome having the choice to tailor their benefits to their lifestyle needs and budgets, industry research finds.

Voluntary benefits cost employers virtually nothing. They also grant employees access to a variety of insurance offerings, typically with more favorable underwriting requirements and rates than if they went out and got coverage on their own.

Given these advantages, it’s not surprising that voluntary benefits are now a critical part of the health and welfare strategy for many employers.

Why Winston

Voluntary benefits are not a commodity product, and you shouldn’t shop for them on price alone. Winston Benefits has developed a unique approach to help HR and finance professionals like you create a comprehensive voluntary benefits strategy tailored for your organization’s needs.

Our PPS approach is broken down into 3 simple steps:

  • Product – Winston consultants work with your team to assess your needs and formulate a multi-year program that complements your overall benefits strategy.
  • Process – Our team of consultants will create and execute a RFP for carriers, enrollment providers and third-party administrators (TPAs).
  • Support – Winston provides the support for workplace access to the new voluntary benefits program, an integrated communications strategy, and the technology to implement the administration and vendor management of your voluntary program.

As a participant in Winston’s VIP Plan, you’ll have the flexibility to select products from a variety of voluntary benefit companies, and you’ll be able to administer your voluntary program using a single integrated solution.

You’ll also benefit from our unique BenefitInsite technology, which streamlines and automates the administration of employee benefits.

More than 500,000 people enjoy the benefits of participating in Winston’s VIP plan. Could your employees join them? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary analysis of the voluntary benefits administration process at your organization. We’ll help you find ways to enhance your voluntary benefits program and save money.