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How to Address 3 Common Employee Benefits Issues

According to a recent report by Arthur J. Gallagher, employers are juggling several priorities when trying to manage their...

What You Need to Know About Dependent Verification

When it comes to employee benefits, ineligible dependents have always been an issue for employers. Faulty enrollment systems...

The Most Popular Employee Benefits Topics in 2016

While looking at the benefits trends of the past year, we noticed a few topics stood out for people visiting our blog. One...

5 Ways to Improve Your Dependent Verification Process

The spring is a good time to think about dependent verification. While you have some time to breathe and regroup before your...

Is it time for your company to do a dependent audit?

As you’re putting together your 2014 budget, you may want to consider a dependent audit to ensure you’re not overpaying on...


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