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What You Need to Know If You're Automating Benefits Enrollment for the First Time

When a major transportation company asked us for help improving its benefits processes to better support a growing employee...

What You Need to Know About Wellness Rewards

The majority of companies don't offer wellness rewards, despite high employee demand for these types of benefits, a recent...

How to Introduce Voluntary Benefits for the First Time

Voluntary benefits might give you the competitive advantage you need in a tight labor market. Attract and retain employees...

New Ways to Improve Communication During Open Enrollment

Getting employees to participate in open enrollment is very important. But keeping employees focused on open enrollment can...

How to Improve Productivity, Starting with Lunch Breaks

Lunch is one of the primary meals of the day, but a study says some workers don’t feel comfortable taking a lunch break. The

4 Common Open Enrollment Challenges

A healthy workforce is good for everyone, and employee benefits can help workers obtain preventive care and afford routine...

An Open Enrollment Checklist

When your open enrollment process works like clockwork, it’s a win-win: Employees will experience a glitch-free signup...

What the Guardian Workplace Benefits Study Tells Us About the Rise of Digital Benefits Solutions

Managing employee benefits is becoming more complex, and more employers are turning to technology for solutions. The 5th...


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