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Best-Employee-Benefits-in-the-Tech-Industry (1).jpgTech companies are often seen as providing top-of-the-line employee benefits, and the examples here are no exception. If you’re a tech employer or even hiring for tech roles in a different industry, know that your employee benefits are competing against some big names with big budgets and best-in-class employee benefits.

To lure talent to your company, you’ll have to know what you’re up against. Here are some of the best employee benefits in the tech industry.

Health Benefits

Tech employees may be asked to work long hours, so excellent health care packages are often seen as a must at tech companies. Google says it offers a variety of health care plans, depending on an employee’s needs, as well as on-site physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists in some locations. Wellness efforts are also popular: Some Google locations offer on-site fitness centers. Facebook offers a “second opinion” service that lets employees see a second health care provider to ensure they’re getting the right diagnosis.

Paid Parental Leave

As parental leave grows in popularity, tech companies are leading the way in offering generous packages. Netflix offers one year of paid leave for both mothers and fathers; they also have the opportunity to return part time or full time during that year if they wish. Spotify offers six months of paid parental leave plus a month of flexible work options. Pinterest offers up to three months of paid time off.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tech companies are often looking for ways to make the world better — through increased efficiency or productivity, for example, or by providing new technologies to underserved populations. Strong volunteer benefits help them recruit idealistic employees who want to help others. Salesforce offers employees six days of paid volunteer time and up to $1,000 to give to charity. Google matches employee donations and adds donations for the number of hours employees volunteer.

Extra Perks

Tech companies broke the mold with in-office perks as companies looked for ways to make working long hours easier and more fun. Twitter provides three free meals a day and on-site acupuncture services. Facebook provides meals and snacks at the office, as well as on-site services for banking, dry cleaning, bike repair, hair care and other options. While not an in-office perk, one of the most popular benefits at Evernote is the twice-a-month housecleaning service employees have access to, while Pinterest offers happy hours, game nights and foosball.

Ongoing Education

Technology evolves at a high speed in almost every industry these days, and it’s vital that your tech employees keep current on their skills. Technology employers are always looking for ways to educate employees. Evernote offers classes through Evernote Academy, while Google offers a variety of on-site classes that focus on skills to build careers, such as coding or finishing a degree, or to support a hobby, such as cooking or learning an instrument.

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