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Connecting people with benefits seems like a straightforward proposition at first: The employer offers benefits; employees choose them; the employer administers them. But all sorts of challenges — multiple locations, multiple plans, lack of resources such as time or expertise — can get in the way of connecting people quickly and clearly.

Fortunately, outsourcing these tasks to a partner who has the knowledge and experience to handle them all can help. Outsourcing benefits administration, enrollment and communications to one vendor can bring a variety of advantages to your benefits strategy. Here are three.

Wider Array of Services

One of the biggest advantages of full benefits administration and enrollment outsourcing is that it gives your employees access to services you may not have been able to provide on your own, or that would require an outsized amount of effort or resources from you. Some of the solutions we provide include:

  • Click, call, connect. Our portal provides online access to benefits information and interactive support tools 24/7, and licensed benefits counselors are ready to help over the phone as well. In-person benefits counseling rounds out the package, and it gets results. One company, after implementing this approach, saw increases in enrollment in medical and dental benefits of 18 percent, while vision enrollment grew 31 percent.
  • Voluntary benefits. We design voluntary benefits programs that integrate with your core offerings and overall employee strategy.
  • Benefits communication. Custom guides, portals and other materials ensure employees have access to the benefits information they need in a medium they prefer.
  • Billing and reconciliation. More accurate and timely billing and reconciliation means better business data for your company.

More Resources for Core Tasks

HR has increasingly become a strategic business function as more companies have realized the importance of managing employee satisfaction, hiring for fit and culture, and ensuring they have the people they need to reach business goals. Dealing with administrative tasks can distract HR leaders from important business functions — and outsourcing can help.

Our approach to consolidating all plans, processes and vendors into a single customized platform streamlines processes on your end while saving you time and money. And when we manage your benefits, you can focus on managing your business. “With one vendor handling all our benefits administration, processes were simplified and enrollment was a huge success,” says the HR administrator at one company.

Better Insights

How much do you know about your employees and how they use their benefits? Do you know what they want and what they’re not interested in? Are there ways you could offer different kinds of benefits to increase satisfaction, or communicate in such a way that employees understand your offerings better? If you can’t answer these questions, outsourcing benefits administration can help.

Streamlined and integrated processes can provide deep reporting capabilities that deliver accurate insights so you can adjust your benefits strategy to match business goals. And regularly checking in with employees about how they feel about benefits can help you adjust your offerings and communications to boost satisfaction. After changing to our outsourced benefits management and enrollment, one company reported that 92 percent of employees were satisfied with the new enrollment process. Can your company say that?

Outsourcing benefits administration and enrollment means working with a strong partner who has the expertise to help your company improve its administration and enrollment process.


For more information, download a case study to see how Winston helped one food and beverage organization streamline its benefits administration.

Winston Benefits is an HR solutions company that helps businesses enhance and optimize employee benefit plans, enrich compensation and rewards programs, and save money on benefits communication, enrollment and administration. Contact us to learn more.




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