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Delivering advice-to-pay reporting, single-slot billing, premium reconciliation, and vendor payment services - all from one system. 

Paper-based premium billing and payment is an expensive and complex process. As employees benefits packages become more diverse, the number of premium billings increases, as do the resources required to process them. Winston’s secure, proprietary platform and proven process can help you reduce overhead allocated to provider reconciliation and payment. In addition, we’ll ensure payments are made only for policyholders and their dependents.

Benefits Billing Solutions


Advice-to-Pay Reporting
Participation by plan, volume amounts and premium for your portfolio of benefit programs
Single-Slot Billing
Multiple products from multiple providers on one billing statement
Missed Deduction Administration
Premium payment instructions sent directly to employee with Winston as the contact for questions
Employee Payment Services
Employees can make payments directly to Winston through a variety of convenient options


Premium Remittance
Client collects and remits employee deductions and deduction report to Winston
Policy-level Reconciliation
Winston audits actual and expected deductions for each benefit and applies premium accordingly
Premium Payment
After the reconciliation process, Winston pays premium to respective plan providers


Year-Round Call Center Support
Customer Service Counselors are available to answer your employees' premium and billing questions throughout the year

Claims Advocacy for
Supplemental Plans
Customer Service Counselors support policy holders throughout the claims process
Accounting Specialists
Trained Account Specialists manage our premium and accounting services on behalf of our clients

Our clients reduce administrative overhead allocated to provider reconciliation and payment as well as ensure payments are made for policy holders and their dependents via our secure proprietary platform and proven process.



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