Benefit Communications

Why Benefits Communications Matters

Studies have consistently found that only a small fraction of workers report being fully engaged in making decisions about their benefits,

This can be a costly gap, as that same research found that many workers said they would be less likely to leave their jobs if they were better informed about their benefits. They would also be less likely to make serious mistakes in their employee benefits choices, such as not properly funding their flexible spending accounts (FSA) or failing to elect needed dental or vision coverage.

The solution for closing that gap: an integrated communications strategy that delivers accurate, timely information to your employees throughout the year.

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Our Approach

Winston Benefits’ methodology reflects decades of experience helping our clients deliver comprehensive, multi-point employee benefits communications programs.

Our clients enjoy a unified benefits communication program tapping multiple communications methods, to better reflect how people comprehend and retain information:

  • Print – Posters, postcards, direct-mail.
  • Web - Employer-branded enrollment platform, including educational videos and custom content.
  • Phone - Individual attention from our on-shore, licensed benefit counselors.
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