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HR Technology and Employee Wellness EventsHosting health screening events and flu shot clinics at your office can be a great benefit to your employees and a valuable part of your company’s wellness efforts.

When employees don’t have to make appointments and take time to see their healthcare provider to get health checks and flu shots on their own, it saves them time and effort, which is a benefit in itself. It also saves your company from having employees take time away from work to take care of their health. And, in the case of flu shots, it helps keep everyone in the office healthy, which helps keep them productive.

HR’s Role in Running Wellness Events

Hosting these types of wellness events does take some planning and paperwork on the part of human resources staff. Traditionally, HR has had to do much of that work on paper, or manually with the help of tools such as spreadsheets. But, technology is providing a better way, Employer Wellness Solutions founder and president Dave Rexroat told attendees at the SHRM Missouri State Conference on Aug. 7.

Today, the vendors that help companies run these wellness events have access to technology that takes some of the planning burden off of HR, Rexroat explained. Instead of scheduling employees for appointments manually, there are online scheduling systems that allow HR to send out a link and let employees pick an available time. Instead of having employees fill out registration materials on a paper form that then needs to be entered into a computer, you can have them do everything electronically.

Technology Improves Accuracy, Security

When you’re collecting information on paper, error rates can be high because handwriting can be misinterpreted and whatever is written on paper has to be entered into electronic format by hand, which opens the door to more inaccuracies, said Rexroat.

When vendors use tablets or computers to capture employee information, it boosts the accuracy of the data they’re collecting. Moreover, that data is more secure on a limited-access electronic system than when it’s being passed around on paper.

Collecting data electronically also allows for vendors to quickly report relevant information to your company, said Rexroat. When vendors use paperless technology to facilitate wellness events, they should be able to quickly provide reports, including year-to-year comparisons.

This is good for employees as well, since the health professionals doing a health screening will be able to pull up data from previous years and compare to current data to give employees a report on their status over time right there on the spot during the screening.

Important Questions to Ask

When vendors use technology to collect employees’ personal information for wellness events, it can easily be more secure than doing so on paper, but HR should still ask some important questions to ensure the vendor they choose is taking important security steps, said Rexroat.

  • Does your data collection process meet HIPAA privacy standards?
  • What safeguards do you use to ensure HIPAA compliance?
  • If you’re sending data into the cloud, is your transfer process encrypted?
  • Does your cloud storage provider meet HIPAA requirements?
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