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How Strong Benefits Options Help Employers Recruit and Retain Employees

recruiting and retention with benefits

As the economy heats up and employers look for top talent, strong benefits programs can help organizations with recruiting and retention. Benefits packages can often be the tipping point between a good hire and the one that got away, or can mitigate a salary that may be lower than the hire was expecting. Employers can use strong benefits strategies as part of their recruiting and retention goals.

Brent Cotton Joins Winston Benefits with a Mission to Help Employers Explain Benefits and Engage Employees

Winston Benefits

We’re excited to introduce Brent Cotton as Winston Benefits's new Midwest regional vice president and are looking forward to having him share his experience and expertise with our customers.

The Risks and Benefits of Bringing Wearable Technology Into the Workplace

The Risks and Benefits of Bringing Wearable Technology Into the Workplace 02

We’re about three weeks into the new year and some people are already giving up on their resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight or stop smoking. Others are sticking with it and probably sporting some new device to track their sleep, their steps and their calorie burn. You may, as an organization, even be considering incorporating a wearable tech purchase into your wellness plan.

Daniel Cobb Takes Lead of Winston Benefits Southeastern Practice

Winston Benefits

We’re excited to announce that
Daniel Cobb recently joined Winston Benefits as our vice president of employer solutions. Prior to leading sales and strategy in the Midwest at Hodges-Mace Benefits Group, he led Aetna Voluntary in the Southeast in 2012 and served and director of sales with Impact Benefit Services from 2010 to 2012. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Cobb was raised in Marietta, Georgia, and played quarterback at Auburn from 2000 to 2002.

Daniel’s background is in working with middle- to large-market employers implementing long-term benefits delivery solutions, including benefits administration technology and services, and enrollment and communication strategies. He partners with employers to find the engagement and enrollment strategy that best meets their needs.  

Employers Recognize the Value of Offering Voluntary Benefits

voluntary benefits

A recent study by LIMRA highlights what we’ve known for awhile now -- employers are seeing real value in adding voluntary benefits to their employee compensation packages. So many employers are offering voluntary benefits that many high-level employees consider them standard.

How Telemedicine Can Save Employers Money on Employee Benefits

How Telemedicine Can Save Employers Money on Employee Benefits

As employers look for new ways to reduce health care costs and provide value to employees through the benefits packages they offer, telemedicine is an increasingly attractive addition to those packages. Telemedicine is the use of electronic communications to diagnose and treat a patient. It may involve phone calls, texting photos, specialized apps and other tools to communicate between a patient and a doctor.

2015 is Here and ACA Compliance is Critical Now

2015 is Here and ACA Compliance is Critical Now resized 600

We’ve just finished the first full week of employers having to comply with some of the biggest and most important provisions of the Affordable Care Act. From now on, many employers must be providing creditable coverage and keeping detailed records of that coverage for the IRS. If you aren’t in compliance with the provisions that went into effect Jan. 1 -- or aren’t sure if you are -- now is the time to act.

Survey Finds What Professionals Are Looking for in Employee Benefits

Survey Finds What Professionals Are Looking for in Employee Benefits

Want to know how your employees really feel about their benefits package? One Medical Group recently surveyed more than 1,000 urban professionals about their employee benefits, and the results are in: Employees pay attention to their benefits and they’re generally pleased with them, but they would like more in the way of wellness efforts.

Workplace Wellness Issues to Consider in 2015

Workplace Wellness Issues to Consider in 2015

It’s that time of year again, when everyone decides to get healthier and then most give up their efforts a few weeks later. Workplace wellness programs can mitigate some of that drop-off, however, but only if done correctly.

The Best of 2014: A Big Year for Employee Benefits

The Best of 2014 A Big Year for Employee Benefits

This has been a big year for the team at Winston Benefits. The major shift in coverage policies as a result of the Affordable Care Act has made many employers uncertain about what the offer and what employees need. It’s also boosted the popularity of voluntary benefits.

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