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Meeting Every Generation’s Employee Benefits Needs

Meeting Every Generation’s Employee Benefits Needs

Much has been made about different generations interacting in the workplace. For the most part, though, there’s more about baby boomers, millennials, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z that’s similar than different. When it comes to benefits needs, however, there are some genuinely different concerns for each of these groups.

Employee Benefits News Roundup: Advantages of Voluntary Benefits Edition

Employee Benefits News Roundup Advantages of Voluntary Benefits Edition

Voluntary benefits serve many functions: They’re an excellent way to help safeguard employees’ financial well-being. They can also beef up a standard benefits package and be used as recruitment and retention tools. A robust voluntary benefits selection can be flexible enough to suit many different employees, from millennials to seniors, married parents to singles, and professionals to laborers. Their popularity is increasing so much that many organizations don’t consider them perks anymore so much as requirements.

Kaiser Foundation Survey Finds People Need Help Understanding Health Insurance

Kaiser Foundation Survey Finds People Need Help Understanding Health Insurance

Everyone’s focused on employee benefits right now as the Affordable Care Act’s public health insurance exchanges are going through open enrollment, and employers that offer coverage are wrapping up their open enrollment season. Unfortunately, as people look at their benefits options and make decisions about their coverage, it’s clear that they might not understand how their new health insurance works.

Employee Benefits News Roundup: Long-Term Care Insurance Edition

Employee Benefits News Roundup: Long-Term Care Insurance Edition

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month and long-term care insurance is a hot topic in the news. The IRS recently increased the tax deduction limits for long-term care insurance by two percent for coverage purchased in 2015. Americans are continuing to live longer and many are requiring long-term stays in specialized facilities or intensive, expert care at home. Long-term care insurance can help mitigate the cost of these services and ensure seniors, or anyone requiring extended care, can protect their financial resources.

Voluntary Benefits for Part-Time Employees

Voluntary Benefits for Part Time Employees

As part of the Great Recession that began in 2008, full-time employment dropped in the U.S. as part-time employment rose. While numbers have stabilized somewhat, many Americans work part-time positions by choice or necessity. Part-time employees sometimes face uncertainty when it comes to employer-sponsored benefits packages, or may be ineligible for some types of coverage. For many part-time employees, voluntary benefits can be a huge help.

Employee Benefits News Roundup: New Rules and Regulations Edition

employee benefits laws

There’s been a host of new guidelines, regulations and legislation announced recently that affect employee benefits. The IRS declared that insurance plans lacking in-patient hospital coverage do not meet the standard for minimum value and announced the 2015 contribution limits for employee benefit plans. Massachusetts became the third state to require employers provide sick leave benefits.

5 Ways to Help Your Employees Understand Retirement Savings

5 Ways to Help Your Employees Understand Retirement Savings

A recent study found that not only do employees need to be saving more for retirement, they also need to be saving smarter. The study found that people know little about what kind of investment products are in their portfolios. Fortunately, there are several things employers can do to ensure employees are educated about their retirement options. Here are some ways to help your employees understand retirement savings.

Employee Benefits News Roundup: CDHP Edition

Employee Benefits News Roundup: CDHP Edition

Consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs), sometimes known as high-deductible plans, will likely become more popular in 2015 as many organizations continue to search for ways to rein in health care costs. These plans can offer great savings to healthy workers as they typically have reduced monthly premiums and preventative care is free, as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. But for employees with chronic illness or other budget or health concerns, a high deductible plan may not be the best solution.

What Millennials Want to Know About Insurance

millennials and benefits

Millennials have a lot to lose if they lose their ability to work because of illness or injury, but they’re not protecting their assets with things like disability insurance and life insurance. That’s according to a Hartford survey released earlier this year, which found that less than half of millennial employees have signed up for disability insurance.

Employee Benefits News Roundup: Popularity of Voluntary Benefits Grows

Employee Benefits News Roundup Voluntary Benefits Increase in Popularity Edition

Many experts predicted last year that voluntary benefits would see enormous growth as the Affordable Care Act was fully implemented. These predictions have largely proven to be accurate. Employees are increasingly willing to bear the cost of voluntary benefits to protect themselves from gaps left by their health insurance, and employers are responding by offering better voluntary benefit packages.

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