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Employee Benefits Enrollment and Management: The Benefits of a Mostly Digital System

digital employee benefits

If you haven’t made the switch to a digital employee benefits system, now may be the time. Moving away from a paper-based system to an online system has clear advantages, and a digital system for your employee benefits enrollment and management can make a big difference for your organization. Here’s what making the switch to a digital employee benefits enrollment and management system can do for you.

Employee Benefits News Roundup: Tax Week Benefits News

Tax Week Employee Benefits News

This week in the benefits community, tax day was naturally a big topic. As people become more focused on their finances this time of year, many start to think about ways their benefits may save them tax dollars, help them with retirement, or assist with their needs in the long term. Besides tax day, this week also saw the “unofficial” closing of the Obamacare open enrollment window. The deadline was extended two weeks past the original March 31 deadline and that extension is now also over. Read on for more information.

How to Communicate Benefits Information During the Hiring Process

communicating benefits information to candidates

As you move candidates through the interviewing and hiring process, at some point the topic of benefits comes up. Job candidates will be focused on the possible salary, but questions about benefits will be on their mind as well. Knowing how and when to talk about the benefits you offer can help you seal the deal in the hiring process as you try to attract top talent. Here are some tips for communicating benefits information to job candidates.

Employee Benefits News Roundup: This Week in Benefits

voluntary employee benefits

As usual, there’s plenty of benefits administration news to stay on top of this week. MetLife has developed a new life insurance product aimed at baby boomers, Aflac released a study stating that accident and disability benefits can lower workers’ comp claims, the ripple effects of Obamacare are still being debated, and sales of voluntary benefits continue to climb as more and more employers realize their value. Read on for more employee benefits news you need this week.

Is Your HR Department Spending Too Much Time Managing Employee Benefits?

human resources employee benefits

Many companies are trying to do more with less, but there are definitely times when that approach isn’t necessarily the best. If your organization’s HR department manages employee benefits, you may be losing valuable time, money and effort that could better be spent elsewhere in the organization. Here’s what you need to know about what it takes to support employee benefits internally.

Employee Benefits News Roundup: Voluntary Benefits Growth

voluntary benefits

There have been some interesting developments in benefits this week. The “official” enrollment deadline for Obamacare has come and gone; some deadlines have been extended, but the bulk of enrollment is over. Also, LIMRA released a report showing that voluntary benefits grew by 9 percent last year, with some specific benefits showing over 13 percent growth from 2012. And, if you missed it yesterday, happy National Employee Benefits Day! Read on for more interesting employee benefits news we found this week.

3 Employee Benefits Enrollment Options

employee benefits enrollment options

Leading up to enrollment, you’ve let employees know what kinds of benefits are available to them through a variety of communication: print mailings, email, social media, dedicated websites, posters at work and so on. When it’s time to enroll, it’s a good idea to offer multiple enrollment options. There are three main ways to let employees enroll in company benefits: online, over the phone and in person. Here’s what you need to know about each one.

Employee Benefits News Roundup - Open Enrollment Deadline Edition

Obamacareopenenrollment resized 600

This was always going to be a big week for Obamacare. The March 31 open enrollment deadline is days away and we’ve been hearing about that date since well before the exchanges even opened in October. This week has become even more significant because it marks the start of the “Hobby Lobby case” going before the Supreme Court to determine if the contraception mandate is in violation of religious freedom. And of course, people are still confused or angry about the individual mandate and any penalties they’ll have to pay if they fail to get insured. Read on for more information.

Educated Employees Make Better Decisions: Why Benefits Communication Matters

employee benefits communication

We’ve talked before about the importance of having a benefits communication plan and what’s at stake if you don’t. And we know there are challenges -- according to a study by ADP, only one in five large and mid-sized companies plan to increase their benefits communication budget in the coming year, even with all the changes sparked by new health-care legislation. But benefits communication matters at all companies. Here’s why.

Employee Benefits News Roundup - Survey Says Edition

employee benefits

This week, the main buzz in the benefits industry has been the release of MetLife’s 12th annual Employee Benefits Trends Study. Benefits satisfaction among employees is up but costs continue to be a factor and many firms may still have to trim their budgets. Also, SHRM offered up a thoughtful analysis of a recent Towers Watson survey about health care costs. Read on for more information.

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